Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 1

Well, today was Day number one of my son's vacation. I have not cried, but I have not been in bed yet. . . I have not taken my sleeping or allergy pills (known for making you drowsy). Kahuna is on his way to his place with Dude. They won their ball game.

Work stunk today, but only because I care. People are just dumb. . . It has become a pick fest. . . Oh, someone from your group brought something to our attention. . . So we are going to watch your group for something to correct you on. . . And we are going to bring it to your attention when we find something. . .


Lets talk about something good! VACATION!

72 hours from now, Kahuna and I will be on our first vacation together. We will have taken our first flight together, gotten through our first layover together and met his parents! OMG! I have no idea what to pack! I have no idea what to wear! I know, they already love me because they have never seen Kahuna so happy. . . But, I still want my best foot to be forward!

Kahuna, I cannot wait. I cannot wait to be able to spend so much time with you! No responsibilities. No baseball. No homework. You and me. . . (and your mom and dad) I know you have to work a bit while we are there. It is OK. It comes with the territory. I adore you!

Well, I will let you all know if I make it without taking anything tonight. . .



Big Kahuna said...

Babushka - I adore you

Babushka said...

I did not make it. I was in bed for two hours sleeping on and off. I just could not get comfortable. I took two of my allergy meds. But, today is a new day. I will try again tonight.