Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Day

Well, its a new day. Can't say things are looking up. But, it's a new day. . . And, it is still early.

Today BuddyLuv has the neighbor girl coming over to play. My mom is coming over to color my hair for me before we go on vacation. I am going to start packing. I will like doing that. Plus, we are going to work on the laundry. I told BuddyLuv that I will not be stuck putting away his laundry after he leaves tomorrow.

Looks like storms are coming through again.

What a week. With everything going on, I had to take BuddyLuv to the dentist yesterday and listen to him explain to the dentist that it is my fault he does not brush enough or floss (said we do not have any floss at home).

Got to work and all heck had broken lose because the Law Enforcement Center had totally lost power over the night, causing repercussions all over the county. Had not even started my computer when I had people at my desk needing help.

Had to give a presentation to argumentative people on a process being implemented that they do not agree with.

Then someone mentions about another tornado that hit the same small town my parent's live in. Dad is all alone. I worry about him. He battles depression. . . He cannot remember numbers, so has them all written down on a notecard at home and in his truck. Could not reach him.

Got a call from the insurance company asking why I have not sent back the papers. . . the papers that they had told me the day before had been returned to them due to their addressing it wrong. At the same time I was on the phone with her, got another call from a different sup who left me a message asking if I had questions on the papers they had not received back, yet.

Received the papers via email, noticed another error. Had to call them to get that fixed. I must be reaching some measurement threshold because now they kept me on the line, got it resolved, and sent me new papers by email. They are still waiting on a letter from the bank, they thought they would get it Monday. They process it same day, so this may still be over before I leave.

Ended the day with BuddyLuv buying me a Dairy Queen because he felt guilty for acting up in a store shortly beforehand.

BUT. . .

Dad is ok. He was at work, and the tornado missed them.

Instead of concentrating on BuddyLuv leaving tomorrow, I will make a conscious effort to concentrate on his being here today.

I did get to see Kahuna last night for dinner. And, with all the drama/stress I bring, he still thinks it is worth it to stick around.

Laundry is almost done. There is not THAT much left to get caught up on.

Tomorrow I get to see two old friends I don't often see. It means I have to drive on the freeway. . . But, I will be ok.

Only a few more days and we will be away from it all!

Things are going to be ok if I want them to be.

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Dana said...

Things are going to be ok if I want them to be.

Powerful words!