Monday, June 9, 2008

TMI - Pre-Vacation

1. If you're in love with your partner, does it make the sex better?KAHUNA – Absolutely, positively YES!!!! When you have those deep feelings of affection and trust you can run the gambit of lovemaking to hard-ass fucking that leaved you both sore the next day……..My quads were killing me today…Thanks Babushka!

2. What is the most expensive sex toy you've ever purchased?
KAHUNA – I bought Babushka and I an anal plug, a couple of thin vibrators and a double silver bullet – total under $80.00 probably. Saw some awesome toys at the Smitten Kitten that I hope we can afford someday.

3. If you knew ahead of time you would not have an orgasm, would you still have sex?
KAHUNA – Absolutely have done so and would do so again – to me this again pertains to #1. Especially when we have oral sex, we will often just please the other. I get the most pleasure from hearing and feeling my Babushka cum hard while I am going down on her.

4. What celebrity would you most like to have sex with if given the chance?
KAHUNA – May sound lame but I am not a big celebrity fantasy type. I am partial to brunettes so I would say Jewel De’ Nyle or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

5. Have you ever had sex while an audience watched?
KAHUNA – Nope but I have fantasized about having sex with Babushka in front of an audience.

Bonus (as in optional): Describe the best sexual encounter you've ever had.
KAHUNA – I always say my next time with Babushka, but last night with her was hot! We had not been together in almost a week and were very much ready for each other. She was watching You Porn in the game room and playing with my cock. I left briefly, came back nekkid. I stood her up and bent her over so that I could grab her hips and fuck her while she watched the computer. The sliding glass door was not covered and the neighbors could easily see us, which made it even better. After about 15 minutes we went into the bedroom and spent the next hour just continuing to fuck until I came. I then went down on her and she had two more orgasms.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Your answers are always so sweet. *big grin*

Happy TMI!

Anonymous said...

Good god that last one! What a lucky babushka!

Happy TMI!

Madame X said...

Great answers! I have to agree with you on #1. Happy Tuesday!