Monday, March 5, 2007

Miss........Is This Seat Taken?

Up here we are able to do most anything (or anyone) after 2 feet of snow. Apparently this Northwest Airlines employee from Washington took that a bit too literal.

What exactly makes one think to themselves "Hey, maybe I'll just scoot into that empty seat at rub one out on the lady sitting in 25E." And what about said woman in 25E whose told authorities she felt the man "spoon" her and felt her shirt being lifted up. Is it just me or would that not be the time to say something? Instead she waits until he is done spooning and then notice after he gets up that there is "warm fluid" on your back and side.

On the other hand, if Babushka was in seat 25E then we are talking about a completely different story!! Babushka and I had ourselves a little "nekkid time" this weekend, followed by a movie , dinner and a little more "nekkid time". Gotta love having dessert first :-).

The challenge of getting the soldier to attention arose again. The first time around it was on my mind constantly, which I am sure added to the pressure (or lack thereof). But Babushka and I talked about it and found more success in round two.

Of course at 4:00am this morning I was at full mast and ready to roll.....and not a airplane in sight! Just my luck.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Hope my next flight is the red eye!

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