Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tramp Stamp HNT

No offense to my lovely Babushka - just working on my 'street cred' speak!

The acceptance of tattoos sure has evolved over the years and I do believe now that it is one of those generational items. The youth of today seem to view getting a tattoo no differently than piercing an ear.
  • (that statement alone shows my age and gives me no shot at street cred - I can hear my kids now: "No one gets just their EAR pierced anymore)

I have grown quite an affection toward my Babushka's tattoo (a few favorite vantage points come to mind :-P) as well as her belly button ring. This does bring up quite a conundrum for me in the realm of fatherhood.

My roommates daughter is seventeen and she wants both of the above - not surprisingly he is very much against it. The typical discussion ensues of his perceived loss of her virtue and purity and her accusation that he is stereotyping any girl with a back tattoo as a perpetual slut who blows the basketball team after every home team.

You see - us fathers view our daughters as as the little girl we doted on - not the young woman every one else sees. Plus it is our own inner conflicts of this double standard toward our little girls. I asked my roommate if he truly dislikes the 'tramp stamp' look on grown women (ie 25-40). His reply - "Hell no - I think it is hot and it immediately makes me think of sex with her"!

And there in lies the crux of the problem - My lovely little Pumpkin turns 10 this year and God only knows what she will want to do to her body in 6 or 7 years. I know I will fight her tooth and nail and use any type of manipulation necessary to "protect" my little girl...............................which will immediately be followed by my using any type of manipulation at my disposal to get my lovely Babushka to do that very same thing!!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin"
Sorry Pumpkin - Life is not fair and will never be as long as you are my daughter


Blissfully Wed said...

I see wedding parties very often where I work and you can always count on seeing a couple of bridesmaids with very visible tattoos. Not too long ago, that would have been reason to pick different bridesmaids. Now, it's no biggie.

Great pic, too.


thru my eyes said...

I love that spot for a tatoo. Very sexy.

Gillette said...

My girls did not do the tattoo thing, they did the piercing thing. Thankfully, it was generally only multiple ear ones, belly buttons.

But the middle one wanted her tongue done. Twice. I signed the consent papers for her at age 17 with the proviso that she consider that if it got infected, her tongue might fall off and she wouldn't be able to whine any more.

Damn..she still did it.

tkkerouac said...

And how old are you??

Crimson said...

Very nice ;)