Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Showers.....

....Up here in the land of tax increases!!

We'll, I sit here rejuvenated after a nice afternoon nap following a less than productive day at the office. You see - yesterday afternoon, evening and early morning were once again spent pampering and pleasing the lovely Babushka.

I recalled the events of yesterday as I was catching up on a few blogs. I began reading the early entries of Behind Closed Doors. As is typically the case, I am drawn to couples who have embrace their sexual energy as a part of their overall admiration toward each other. I saw many parallels between the two of them and our story.

HIM was discussing the 11 year age difference with HER and how it changed his view on relationships. I am just about a decade older than Babushka so his comments about differing music, movies and experiences did hit home. We both also seem to have come to the realization that our admiration and affection toward our women is what truly makes our relationships special.

Now - how did this make me think of yesterday. We'll it really did not, other than my need to take a nap once again reminded me of my age. I am going from 3-4 sexual encounters a year to 3-4 sexual encounters an evening for three nights out of five this week. My legs are sore, my cock is sensitive and I have not stopped smiling in six days.

I used to dream of a life where sexual intimacy could one day at least be quality if it was not going to be quantity. My cup is now overflowing with both!!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Time is a-wasting friends

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