Monday, March 12, 2007

Name that Movie!

Damn Gina - Its Monday night already.

Friday afternoon was spent the best way a Friday can be spent - Looking at the nekkid backside of my Babushka while maintaining a firm hold on her hips and...

The weekend alternated between the two fruit of my loins (Gotta love Monty Python). Oldest and I watched a Reno 911 DVD - Youngest and I went Bowling.

Sunday evening was consisted of a nice 85 minutes cuddling with my Babushka followed by 5 minutes of teasing my scrotal area before I hide to go home..........GRRRRRRRRRRR

Actually I enjoy the teasing by my Babushka - Plus Payback is Hell!!!!

A quick thank you to Blissfully Wed (Very cool duo HNT's) and Mike (FNF Huh?) for the kind HNT words.

Economics Awaits me now
Time to get Busy Livin'

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