Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Break HNT

It has been an extremely active week in the no longer frozen tundra.

'BuddyLuv' has spent spring break up in the northwoods with the parents of my lovely Babushka. This has given the two of us some extended alone time, including a couple of sleepovers.

Well, I say sleepover, but sexover is a more accurate depiction of our early evenings, late evenings, middle of the nights and mornings. I have read other bloggers who artfully describe the many details of their fuck-filled evening. My mind does not work that eloquently nor does time permit, but there are a number of thoughts that cross my mind as I recall all of the nekkidness and debauchery that is still fresh in my mind:
  • There are few things in life better then a wet and willing pussy.
  • There are fewer things in life I enjoy more then spending significant amounts of time orally pleasing Babushka's wet and willing pussy.
  • Orally pleasing Babushka's lovely asshole is one of them - I love playing with her ass as much as she loves me playing with it.
  • My taking a long time to cum is actually viewed by some (like my Babushka) as a positive thing.
  • Hand-Jobs are a truly underrated sexual activity-I am not saying intercourse is not great (it is) but just lying back while your gal licks you and strokes your cock to ejaculation absolutely rocks!
  • Sex Toys, Lubricants and Massage Oils are a wonderful way enjoy each others bodies
  • I love being Nekkid with Babushka - if we won the lottery I would probably never let her wear clothes.

Needless to say, we needed two nights apart just to rest up and get a little real sleep. But never fear, we have one last afternoon, evening and morning together before Babushka leaves tomorrow to join her BuddyLuv in the woods.

I almost forgot its' that time of the week. For you I present a lovely and inviting sight of my Babushka - one that I never tire of welcoming me!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Happy HNT to you all - and Get Busy!!


Blissfully Wed said...

It appears that we enjoy some of the same specific activities.

Congrats on the alone time. That's something that we hardly seem to achieve here; although I am happy to say that I kept her up long past her bedtime a couple of nights ago. ;)

Your Babushka is quite beautiful and sexy. I always love seeing what she chooses to share for HNT. And that bed? Wow. What a great setting for fulfilling fantasies.

J a d e said...

"my Babushka - one that I never tire of welcoming me!" Wow, wish I recieved welcomes like that. Lucky you. Happy HNT.

tkkerouac said...

Love your colours!

AndyT13 said...

Wow and whee! HHNT!

AmyElle said...

That is definitely a welcoming sight.

HHNT and continue to enjoy the alone time. :)