Sunday, April 6, 2008

But now. . .

As you can tell from my below entry, it was a rough day on Friday. Friday night I worked, bar tending until 1:30am. It was a rough night, I had things on my mind and dealt with the attitudes of 20 somethings who have no desire to excel beyond waitressing at the bowling alley (well, except the one who is excited that she may be waitressing at the strip club this summer). I got home from work, exhausted, body hurting. . . I walked in the door. And, my heart melted. There was my Kahuna, sleeping on the couch, watching my Son for me and waiting for me to come home to him.

I was wound up from work and the day. Off to bed we went, talking a bit. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

Saturday I worked again. Kahuna, my wonderful, amazing, beautiful Kahuna, offered to take BuddyLuv with him. BuddyLuv was going to be home alone because, for the second "us" weekend in a row, Princess Bitch stomped her foot and denied something of great importance from Dude. He could only go to TWO tryouts for baseball teams (affecting his whole summer) if Kahuna would give him a ride to and from both of them. Kahuna being the great man he is, offered to take BuddyLuv even if he would be around Dude.

I waited with baited breath. And, it was very anti-climatic. They exchanged pleasantries, but there was no hostilities anywhere in site! YES!

Pumpkin saw BuddyLuv in the back of Kahuna's car when they picked up Dude. We are waiting to see what she has to say about that.

Princess Bitch also saw BuddyLuv in the back seat of Kahuna's car. This was unexpected as she avoids Kahuna when she can. Thank God, she is not the kind that would have said anything bad to BuddyLuv.

To be continued. . .

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