Wednesday, April 2, 2008

She knows my name!

I went to sleep smiling last night! She knows my name! I was on the phone with Kahuna who was helping Pumpkin with homework. She was working to memorize bones in the body. She was missing a few. I thought as hard as I could and guessed the names of a few bones I could remember. I was PRAYING really hard that I was right. . . Please be right! Please be right! Please be right! I was right! I helped! And, when Kahuna and Pumpkin were talking, there seemed to be no "reprecussions" or negativeness because I was on the phone. This I took as a positive sign. I cannot explain exactly why. But, I just got a good vibe from the conversation.

Kahuna asked if he could call me back later so he could finish working with her which was totally no big deal at all. When he called me back, there was concern and apology in his voice for having asked to end the conversation and call me back later. Who gets mad when they call someone with children about nothing important and the person they call is honest that they are in the middle of something and asks politely to call them back? Not me! I think it is a sign of honesty when we can say, "if this is an emergency, I am all yours. If this is not, could I please call you back?" We don't have to drop everything so that we can chat. We can live and mesh those lives together.

So, when I was talking to Kahuna later, he told me that Pumpkin knows my name and anounces my calls when she has the opportunity to hand Kahuna his phone! I am not just a mysterious woman. I am not a person with a name.

Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'!
I am livin'! And, smiling!


Big Kahuna said...

and that name is Beautiful indeed.

I adore you my love!

Dana said...

Validation is a wonderful thing!

Shibari said...

That is so sweet and wonderful :)