Friday, April 4, 2008

Kinda like kissing your sister...or so I have been told

Not that I have any siblings, but that is a bit how today feels. The motion / counter-motion hearing will now take the place of the pre-trial continuance, scheduled for 4/24.

The morning started with the Princess Bitch (PB) and her entourage in the courtroom hall, huddled and I am sure cursing me inside. The first request that PB had was for a custody evaluation - Ugggg. God forbid I would want joint custody and equal parenting.

My attorney and I met in a room and discussed the pros/cons; risks and rewards of letting the judge decide the initial matter of temporary relief. The two attorneys then spoke together to come up with 'creative alternatives'.

The result: We will be meeting with a Divorce Financial Planner next week to "crunch the cash-flow numbers". The hope is that perhaps a light will go on in the head of the PB and see the financial challenges we have to reconcile as a part of this process.

I feel good about this -it finally feels like progress is being made and I am interested to her this persons point of view. I know Babushka is less thrilled. I sincerely regret having her expend any emotional energy on this, but I am grateful that she is with me during this. Babushka also is frustrated with the inability to just "get it scheduled and done". She works in government - the legal process is kinda like projects at her work....................long, deliberate and unnecessarily strung along. Perhaps the PB is playing me for a chump........again. I sense that is Babushka's concern - that and the anger she has toward the sense of entitlement held by PB.

I love and adore Babushka and I hope she understands. Any chance for a settled decision is worth perusing, at least for a couple more weeks.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
"Whose sister is he talking about?"


Dana said...

Oh how I know the frustration over the length of the process - of thinking "finally" only to face yet another delay. This doesn't sound like a side-step at all, but rather a common sense approach towards a solution.

Enjoy your weekend!

Big Kahuna said...

We thought so to...but the PB has already started again with her pissy attitude again.

It will be what it will be

Have a great weekend yourself

SeaRabbit said...

I wish it turns as you want... Here, the ex is contesting divorce... so no wedding in May as we planned last year... ;-(
I really wonder what is her point, but... that's how it is... ;-(