Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Initial Reaction

What a weekend of ups and downs. As you may have read form Kahuna's last posting, things were, well, what they were. I wrote this on Friday, literally right after I got off the phone with Kahuna. These are not the nicest thoughts. But, they were my thoughts none the less:

Not a damn thing changed.

1) Princess Bitch attorney advised Princess Bitch that, though it is great that Princess Bitch is looking for a fun career like an event planner, a judge would probably advise Princess Bitch to seek more stable employment.

My response: Whatever! Why the Fuck has Princess Bitch attorney not been advising Princess Bitch of this for the last 1.5 years? I believe it was all for show.

2) Princess Bitch's attorney advised them that, if Kahuna went for the house today, Princess Bitch would be filing to request that parental evaluation.

My response: Whatever! They are preying on Kahuna's guilt/regret over his criminal record (DUIs) and history of substance abuse.

3) Princess Bitch attorney said she believe Princess Bitch is starting to understand that finances are not as Princess Bitch thought, but will not agree to cashing out/taking a loan against the 401K to pay off the second mortgage. Kahuna's attorney said that, if Princess Bitch is starting to understand, maybe seeing a financial planner will put them on the same page so this can be resolved soon as finances are the only sticking point. Kahuna is calling today to schedule a meeting next week with a Financial Planner Kahuna's attorney used in her last case like this.

My response: So, is this going to work out like it did when Kahuna gave Princess Bitch more time to get off her fucking ass and get a fucking job? Cause, that worked out really well as we all can see.

4) Princess Bitch wants brother-in-law, who is attorney, present at meeting next week with the financial planner. Kahuna would not agree to this.

My response: She can't do shit for herself? How is she going to maintain a huge house (like she is demanding) if she can't do shit for herself?

5) A motion was entered to change the 4/23 date for from the second 1/2 of pre-trial to be another Temporary Relief request if they cannot agree on things after meeting with the planner.

My response: Why the fuck would she see the light now? So, lets postpone things again, cause thats going to get us to resolution.

6) If the financial planner cannot help to come to resolution and temp relief does not resolve everything, there will be no more attempts, just the already scheduled 4/23 thing and a final trial date schedule.

My response: Yeah, I will believe it when I see it? Why the fuck did Kahuna's attorney agree to yet another date that ultimately delays the final date? So, lets agree to another Temp Relief hearing to try and cut costs for a few months and delay the final instead of just going for the final?

I am pissed! This is one of the most fucked up thing I have ever seen in my entire life!


Dana said...

Babushka, having been in your shoes (at least a similar style) not too long ago, I remember this feeling. That somehow things would NEVER be resolved - that somehow no one cared how *I* felt in all of this - worse yet, it really didn't matter how *I* felt.

All that I will say is do your best to be patient and keep your eye on the end result rather than the length of the process. I realize these words don't likely help much - the frustration can be overwhelming - but it will end!

Babushka said...


Thank you! It is very nice to make your acquaintance! Thankfully, I can see the light. I have been able to see the light since the beginning. Kahuna and I just have this beautiful, special something that is everything we both have ever wanted. Sometimes I slip and forget that everything always works out. You just need to get out of the way. But, I have my Kahuna. And, I can talk to him. I can tell him all of this. And, even when I add to his burden, he still has room in his heart to support and comfort me. He is an amazing man!