Saturday, April 26, 2008

Was I dreaming?!?

I think I just woke up from the most amazing dream!

I had a dream that I picked BuddyLuv up from his Great Gram's house after school, we met Kahuna, Dude and Pumpkin at everyone's favorite pizza joint, then spent the rest of the evening enjoying a live sporting event! I dreamed that everyone not only got along. . . But, they smiled, laughed and were genuinely interested in each other.

I just pinched myself. . . I am not dreaming. . . That is really how it happened! It really was the most enjoyable evening!

Right from the start, it was wonderful! It was a stand in line kind of place. Pumpkin really wanted a salad. But, because they have a different line for that which was moving SO slowly, she was going to settle for pizza. I explained to an employee, who said it would be his good deed for the day to get her a salad. That delighted Pumpkin.

Dude volunteered school information while we were talking at the table!

Pumpkin was excited when I asked to try one of her croutons (I had heard from Kahuna before how much his family loves their croutons). She smiled form ear to ear when I commented just how delicious they were!

BuddyLuv talked and talked and talked, this is typical. But, it was compounded because he was excited to meet them, you could tell.

Dude and I connected over the breadsticks.

Off to the game we went.

We parked near each other, so we walked the skyways together. Pumpkin held the door for all of us, what a sweetheart!

Dude was busy texting, but Kahuna, BuddyLuv, Pumpkin and I had comfortable conversation on the walk.

Pumpkin was standing in the front corner of the suite. every other seat had a shared stand of sorts for resting drinks. I sat two seats in purposely, so that I would have one seat open next to me if she wanted to sit there. I went back to use the bathroom. When I came back, she was in the seat next to me!

BuddyLuv sat on my other side. Kahuna sat next to Pumpkin. Dude sat back by the TV so he could watch the baseball game.

I was once a hockey cheerleader. LaCross is a lot like hockey.They have the same rules, mostly. But, I asked Pumpkin many questions about the game because she was always more than happy to teach me. At one point, she was explaining something while Kahuna was trying to explain, too. when she was looking at the field, I mouthed I know to Kahuna, he hit himself in the head as if to say, "duh!".

At one point, I went to get up and get more water. Pumpkin offered to refill it for me.

BuddyLuv cuddled with me a few moments off and on.

When I went to the restroom, I came out to find Kahuna smiling from ear to ear as he reported to me that BuddyLuv and Pumpkin were talking back and forth to each other through their free posters.

Our team lost. But, we won! On the way back to the cars, I took the elevators instead of the stairs. Pumpkin joined me as the boys raced to beat us! She shared with me that she plays in band, and does percussion instruments.

My Kahuna. . . You have brought me more joy in the last year and a half than I can ever remember.


Dana said...

I am so happy to hear that all went not only well, but FABULOUSLY! You ALL deserved that!

Babushka said...

Thank you, Dana!