Friday, April 25, 2008

Whose fault is this week anyway?!?!

Another week in the books - one that I do not mind having in the rear view mirror.

Divorce - A day sequestered with PB and two attorneys is never a good thing. I could rant for an hour but basically she refuses to consider discussing a settlement and wants everything. Trial is August 7th - at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel (or is that the train of poverty approaching?).

Work - For me, overwhelming as is typical. But my poor Babushka has to end her work week on a down note. An unhappy employee that she supports yelling and screaming to anyone who will listen that she will not work with Babushka........and why.......because this chowder printed a 4,000 page document multiple times, waited until the job was mid-print and then demanded that tech. support stop the print jobs (which they could not at that point). Therefore tech. support is incompetent.

Another lovely example of personal accountability going the way of the VHS. I feel so bad for my Babushka, as she takes these things personally - she is someone who cares to a fault about the service she provides. Unfortunately for her, even she cannot fix Stupid (to quote Ron White).

Teeth - What is this you say? Basically I had to have a molar painfully extracted last night, a mere 4 weeks after having a root canal on said tooth. Why not pile on me when I am down, right?


One of the wonderful aspects of recovery and life with Babushka is the fact that I choose whether I am a victim of "circumstance or bad luck" (not) or if I allow others to control my outlook on life (not anymore).

I am blessed beyond anything I ever thought possible. I have a job, when so many other do not. I left a lousy marriage rather that stay unhappily married, as so many other do. And I have a dentist who just called me as I was typing this to see how my mouth was doing and to contact him anytime this weekend if I feel the need to.


Tonight is the night that my kids meet Babushka for the first time!!!! This day has been a long time coming and no matter what happens, Babushka and I have alot to be proud if - in each other and in ourselves!


Babushka and I finalized plans to visit my Mom and Dad in 6 weeks! I am so excited for them to meet the lovely Babushka - and they are excited too!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Take a good look at yourself (as the song goes....)


Dana said...

This was a fabulous post! I was starting to feel a little down - knowing how much you've both been struggling with some of this and then I read the last few paragraphs. I haven't smiled that big in quite some time!

Big Kahuna said...

Hi Dana - Glad we could bring a smile to you. That is the kind of emotion we will gladly share!