Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Honey - Vito's at the Door"

Rumor grows as it goes - Virgil

Babushka and I were able to share today. We were close, we were intimate and we were visible to others. You see, Babushka and I share a place of employment. Our relationship together has been quiet around the workplace. Not hidden but discreet in relation to other associates.

This was important to me when Babushka and I began dating, especially given the brief timeframe between my separation and our starting point. Affairs are hidden - Relationships are not. I have been down the hidden path in a previous life and did not in any way want my Babushka feeling like we should be ashamed.

Not surprisingly, the Rumor Mill (RM) of our relationship has started to churn at a faster rate as time has gone along. Whispers and glancing looks peaked into crescendo today, as both of us were confronted at separate times.

To paraphrase my meeting with the RM Committee Head:
  • "People are talking"
  • " We are afraid that this is a rebound for you"
  • " If you hurt her we will be forced to beat you to a pulp"
I am grateful that Babushka is so highly thought of, respected, cared for and protected. Positive reinforcement from others is more influencial than we wish to admit.

We are our own worst critic as well as enemy. We are forgiving of others' transgressions much sooner than our own.

They see Babushka with the same eyes as I do - wonderful and worthy of all possible blessings.

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aedifica said...

I heard the "if you hurt her we'll beat you to a pulp" story. It's true--but who would have expected L to say it? :-)