Monday, January 1, 2007

In The Beginning........

.......There was a young man who never quite understood the meaning of his existence. Unhappy with himself from an early age he turned to the two 'friends' handed down to him from previous generations - Alcohol and Pornography. Dishonesty and disappointment followed him wherever he went - across the ocean, over the mountain and ultimately to the prairie white with snow.

His feeling of unworthiness continued for a number of years in a relationship focused on his "unhealthy" needs for admiration, affection and sexual interaction. Continually being made to feel like there was something wrong with his needs and ultimately himself were not conducive to sustained abstinence from either family 'friend'. This muddling along is a microcosm of the 90's, until a fateful decision in the fall of 1999 that would unknowingly change his life in ways he never anticipated.

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