Saturday, January 27, 2007

Interesting Blog Reading:

Osbasso - Everyone out in bloggsville knows him as the mastermind behind 'HNT'. I have been a closet reader of his blog for quite a while. I saw the whole 'HNT' phenomenon as an expression of healthy sexuality by people around the globe. It gave me a baseline from which to evaluate my own feelings about healthy against what the ex told me was 'normal'. Anyhow, there was a person who posted a long, derogatory post about what 'HNT' had become. I found his response thoughtful and on the mark. I look forward to the time that Babushka and I can participate.

Sinclair- I found her blog through another blog via a 'Sugasm' link. As I am want to do, whenever I go to a blog for the 1st time I go to the beginning. This one grabbed my attention right off. In this case, her blog started as someone lonely and missing the physical/sexual aspect of her relationship with her girlfriend. It amazes me the more I expand my horizons in the blog world the more I see how similar we are as humans - straight, gay, lesbian, bi, single, divorced, married, etc. We all just want to be wanted, cared about, attractive to someone and to feel safe to share all of ourselves with.

That is what makes me so thankful for Babushka. I am myself with her and share all of myself with her - positive and negative. I do not fear the truth with her. I now know it is more than sex I have been missing.

I want it all - Intimacy
Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Sexual Intimacy

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

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