Tuesday, January 2, 2007

It Gets Cold Up Here..........

.....and everyone should have a Babushka to keep them warm.

I have known my "Babushka" for quite a while. My first recollection back in the day was her continually positive and upbeat nature. Always there with a 'Greetings and Great Day' to accompany a 100-Watt smile.

As I became more familiar with her story the more amazed I was. A single mother who has continually had to overcome those who have taken advantage of her trusting nature and battled her own inner demons. Through it all she remains a person of personal integrity and spiritual foundation. I was drawn to her strength of character long before allowing myself to acknowledge her stunning physical beauty.

During the five weeks from my emotional end point and my physical end point I asked Babushka her thoughts on the many questions I had wrestled with for years -Perhaps a sanity 'Litmus Test' of what I felt vs. what I had been told to feel. Her responses to me made me realize that indeed I was healthier than some would believe - perhaps even in some ways 'wonderful'! Throughout these conversations I was still saddled in my fear that if she knew the "real" me that her admiration and respect for me would certainly evaporate.....

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