Monday, January 1, 2007

In The Middle.......

........Is the fall of 1999. A new job in a new (but old) place due to a familiar situation (see Friend #1). The start of this new job put me on a team with many others but specifically one who was unique. She found me attractive and was not shy in letting me know. Inappropriate flirting ensued and within a brief period of time discussions became actions.

As is typically the case, this ended unfriendly for the involved parties and started a painful process for those closest to said parties. A brief separation and reconciliation were followed by marriage counseling, individual therapy and most significantly my introduction to SAA - a 12-step program modeled after AA but unlike AA does not promote abstinence but rather a spiritual program focused on the pursuit of healthy sexuality. The progress I have made in my life are in no small way due to the men that have become my brothers, modeling for me honesty, trust, dignity and grace.

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